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One of the Groupies

Artist: PATO
Artist's Description
About the repercussions of being confronted with your own mortality and the not always best decisions we make trying to deal with it (honestly, no references for this one)

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Rock, Classic Rock, Surf Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive, Anthemic, Determined, Dreamy
Style(s): Alternative, Eighties (1980s), Summer
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$125.00

One of the Groupies

Verse 1
Someone died and somebody died again
I got the news while slowly dying at the desk
I'm stretched to death, nothing seems to mend
Nor top the daydreaming action I conjure up on my own
What can hurt more than life itself cut so short?

Verse 2
So I'd rather live it out in bars
Every night I toss all regret aside to make room on the rocks
Pour it straight, I won't taste the difference
Nor predict the pain, I'll let you go the distance

Pre-Chorus 1
But I'm just asking for a cigarette
It's not an open door, I'm not a good old friend
I've seen you around, rubbing shoulders with the crowd
And still somehow when I'm not strong enough

I wanna feel like another one of the groupies, in the movies
Though you're just some guy singing what it means to live a life
And I soak it all up in a single stride
I think to myself fuck is this the life?
Time's running out and I'm not closing in
Might not be much but it's already a little bit of something

I can't explain why I crave for love's delusions
The back and forth between chains of daisies and gore
All I know is I can't just imagine love anymore

Verse 3
There's no affection in the way you tell me it's all gonna be ok
The conversation of the privileged won't bring about change
Whether it's them passing away or my back pain
Another good luck and goodbye
A lesson, what for if it all simply fades?
I could've been anyone but I chose to stay
I could be anyone but I choose to do this shit again

Pre-Chorus 2
'Cause when I'm not strong enough


And it's so sad to believe I really liked the man
To love and to hold but too much too soon made me fold my hand
I can't be clear about how easily I let you go
I couldn't pull myself together in time so this is how I let you know

Post-Chorus x2


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