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As I Awake

Artist: Yasha MacDonald
Artist's Description
This song is about the inner turmoil that cam be experienced in life in a metaphorical sense and yet there is light amidst the darkness.

Genre(s): Metal, Rock, Avant Rock, Alternative Metal
Mood(s): Complex, Disturbing
Style(s): Alternative
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

As I Awake

By Yasha MacDonald
I see places and wasted
Will there be an end

I see figures configured
And I've not begun

There are fires and wires
And they're hanging on

There's not much here
But there is a way to go on

And as I awake

I see the sun

What more will it take

To become

Who I'm meant to be

:Humming for some bars:

Distorted faces
And cases round
I've just begun

Won't tell you
The whole story
Cause it is a thorn

In my side
Fell my pride

I was merely hanging on

And as night breaks

And I'm wide awake

I open my heart

To the day

To become what I'm meant to be

:Humming till end:


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