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America, I have missed you so

Artist: Stefan Pasti
Artist's Description
Thoughtful poetic soliloquy (with tongue-in-cheek humor, philosophical, romantic, and anthemic moments),
meant to be sung as a ballad, with occasional multi-media action,
and occasional choral ensemble echo emphasis

Genre(s): Folk, Experimental, Piano, Musicals/Broadway
Mood(s): Anthemic, Haunting, Light, Playful, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad, Burlesque, Nostalgic, Theatre
Language(s): English
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America, I have missed you so

By Stefan Pasti
America, I have missed you so

by Stefan Pasti
(May 28-30, 2021)

[I. The Call]

I have missed you so
I never wanted you to g-o-o (choral ensemble)
and it’s been sad
since you’ve been a-wa-ay (choral ensemble)

I see a smile lighting up your lovely fa-ace
could it be you’re comin’ home to sta-a-ay? (choral ensemble lightly)

there’s always been a candlelight
in the window for y-o-o-ou (choral ensemble)

won’t you come home and make things right?

[II. Grandma]

oh, how the souls
of those who built her
must have wondered….
when will this river of dishonest swindlers
ever run DRY?

And when would we get a Marshall
who is up-to-the-task
of cleaning up the toxic waste
they left be-hind (waste they left be-hind) (choral ensemble)

The thing is what we need (choral ensemble)
is for the gr-e-e-eed
to up and… help us fix it (runs scores from Amen Corner)(whistle sound)

why can’t we all just up and fix it? (come out and fix it) (choral ensemble)
(it wouldn’t be so bad, if we could fix it up) (fix it up) (choral ensemble lightly)]

(screen door slams)

(“Grandpa! Grandma says just quit gabbin’ about it and fix it
--she’ll have dinner on in half an’ hour”) (dinner bell rings twice)

won’t you come home and make things right? (choral ensemble)

[III. (dingdong)]

America… America… (lightly)

I think she’s still got
another 100,000 miles in her (sound of hub cap falling off)
she just needs another engine, and a few-- (dingdong)
(well, and then there’s about half of the World’s GDP
that is owed to clean up all the….
[water comes through the new TV into the living room of a local judge during the afternoon premiere party-- and actually knocks over one of the well-dressed women in
front of the TV (great special effects)
in “A Plumbin’ We Will Go” Three Stooges]

“Angels and ministers of grace defend us!”
(Hamlet: Act I, Scene IV)
(sounds of a jumble of things clattered together, and falling to the floor)

(things are now spinning to stop….)

[IV. We will need all that and more]

America, America
We need a new begin-ning
a new begin-ning (choral ensemble)

America, America
we’ve got to slow down
and make some changes [we’ve got to make some changes, oh yes (choral ensemble nodding)]

America, America
we need the value
every living soul can contribute [we will need all that and more (choral ensemble nodding)]

America, America
can’t you see it? (we’re all ready to help) (choral ensemble lightly)
and we can do it if we try (if we try) (choral ensemble lightly)

oh, America, I have missed you so
won’t you please call
and-say-something-that-is-not-a-cuss-word? (censor buzzer)

and say there’s no two ways a-bout hon-e-sty! (no two ways) (choral ensemble)

oh, America,
won’t you come home and make things right?

[V. we all want you to know]

America, America
who’s that on the front porch wa-a-av-ing? (choral ensemble)

America, America
there’s a lotta folks who are looking just for yo-ou (just for yo-ou) (choral ensemble lightly)

oh, America,
we could all be all right

(sounds of small mountain village, at night)
(sounds of the harbor, near a fishing town)
(sounds of community supported industry in the city)
(sounds of work, and other things, on the farm) (choral ensemble)

[we’ve got to let each of us find our own way
with the right kind of moral compasses, we won’t go a-stray…. (choral ensemble lightly)
many cultures yet to know, and we hope they can grow
why can’t we also learn how to grow?]

oh, America…
we still want waves of grain in our ballads
we still want to live close to the land
and we still want to be in the Good Graces
of the highest ideals our culture has been granted

--and we still want to work together,
--and look after each other best we can
--and there’s more that will come who are like-minded
to be near such a LAND! (cheers from the choral ensemble) (then ceremonial quiet)

“Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of our people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished. Even the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as the swelter in the sun along the silent shore, thrill with memories of stirring events connected with the lives that we have lived… and the very dust upon which we now stand responds lovingly to our footsteps, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors, and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch.” (done with heartbeat native drumming, deep in the background… and maybe other sounds….)

oh, America,
we all have missed you so
and we all want you to know
just come back
and we’ll make you our homeland

(please come back, and we’ll make you our homeland) (choral ensemble)

(instrumentation and voices according to the needs of the times)

[VI. we really need you to be true}

please come back
there’s a lotta folks who are looking just for yo-ou (choral ensemble lightly)

America, we really need you to be true (choral ensemble)

America, we really need you to be true

America, we really need you to be true



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