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Living Life Without You

Artist: Peter Scarlet
Artist's Description
This song is about a couple that live apart but desperately long to be together. One of the couple sings these lyrics to the other while living apart from each other

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop, Love Songs, General Pop
Mood(s): Mellow
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Extended License:$200.00

Living Life Without You

By Peter Scarlet
Living Life Without You

Lonely and living Life without you.
And all the nights without you.
O’ I wish you were here.
When you come to me.
With your arms wrapped round me.
And the kiss that you give me, I can’t be lonely.
Crying and living life without you.
And longing to be with you.
O’ I do long for you.

I do miss you, cause living here without you.
Makes me feel sad to see you walk away.
Lonely nights here are getting long and colder.
Cause I long for you again.

Darling, O’ you are my sunshine.
Cause every time I see you.
My heart melts for you.
Lonely and living life without you.
Cause every night I miss you.
O’ these nights seem so long.

You’re my darling, and you are my best friend.
I do miss you and everything you do.
I need you here to help me breathe the same air.
We are best friends that no one else can part.

Darling, you know that I love you.
Cause everything, I live for is all for you.
You make me happy in everything you do for me.
Every time you hold me.
My heart melts for you.


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