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Do you love yourself

Artist: The curse ft.the lunacy of satanom
Artist's Description
Why are you so egregious

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, Southern Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive
Style(s): Alternative
Language(s): English
Standard License:$23.00
Extended License:$115.00
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Do you love yourself

By The curse ft.the lunacy of satanom
Verse A .

Where's that whip
Is it imported or homegrown..
Real niggas create paper.
Buying sliding back that plastic..
Talking about all your zones
I'm turbo..
Why all the questions..
I'll leave you ass popped,
Slide cocked backed..
I'm locked in .
Again and again
I'm in this world
I'm breaking bad.
With a vengeance...
Nigga are you undercover..
Real recognize real
The hood doesn't love ya..
fxxx with this queen
You fertilize a ditch...
Play me like a pussy
And you will get fxxxed..
To many questions
Lead to investigations.
To much traffic lead to documentation..
Look pussy
You have been vetted..
You lost your life over a bitch. .
That loved to get fxxxed ..


Nigga it's a business.
You got stay fiscally fit .
All chips on the table.
We're built for the flip..
Cane rocked able.
Over that and hammer and soda..
Just another act of defiance..
As we passed god's judgement..


Here's the truth
Real men don't kick their legs up...
You love to get fxxxed..
You keep long dick all up in your guts..
You're a sweet pretty bitch..
But yet you're beast..
Talking about fxxx the wolf..
Without the bite.
Or recognition..
All ass is good ass
When you arrive via transport.
Your own kind
Will take your manhood..
I'm soft..
I'll just p.c.
I need a daddy
Please take care of me .
I wanted to be a g..
So now I'm free.


It's a business
You got to stay physically fit..
Pussy niggas
Love to get fxxxed.
And catch like a bitch.
They call themselves
Now these pussy niggas
Are dons. .
Never Corleone..
Turning tricks on the cell block..


Pussy niggas
Yell duck..
We're Jason over those duckets..
It's all about quap.
I'm talking about that pimp.
It's all about that pump..
All aces in their places.
We'll war over them big faces..
I got to stay paid..
I love what your into..
I'm not trying to meet the new you.
Just be yourself boo
Why stop
I'm out chasing bags..
It's bool or cool
Or whatever the fxxx I say it's .
All money is good money..
Do you love yourself.


Nigga it's a business
You got to stay physically fit..
All dimes in the stable..
Assessing work on the table.
Cane rock able.
Over that arm and hammer.
Then fxxxed his bitch.
After the wake..


Nigga it's a business
You got to stay fiscally fit..
All chips on the table
Nigga we're built for that flip..
Call it manufactured.
While you're smoking that homegrown..
Cane rocked able
Over these shards
And your bitch
They all love to fxxx..
When their spun off that right one..
Take heed..
This message is real.
If you play the pussy.
You're ass will get killed..
The wolf..nigga



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