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I Hope Regret

Artist: Cloak & Ink
Artist's Description
Regret and the consequences of a painful relationship

Genre(s): Country, Rock
Mood(s): Dramatic, Hate, Revenge, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$40.00
Extended License:$100.00

I Hope Regret

By Cloak & Ink
You say regret is a painful way to live
Coming from you I'd say it's a win
You stepped all over me every chance you found
When it was over, it was regret that broke you down

I stood tall while you lied to my face
I hid my hurt every time we embraced
I hope regret keeps you up at night
And haunts your soul the way you did mine
I hope your laughter fades away and you cry
Leaving you empty and hollow inside

You left ashes from a fire you burned
For many years your pride got me hurt
The day regret came crashing into your life
Is the day my prayer went answered that night

I stood tall as I watched you lie
I hid scars you can't see from the outside
I hope regret found you and won't let go
For all the pain you brought to my door
I hope your smile fades like the evening sun
I hope regret remembers all that you've done


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