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You Found Me

Artist: Vimbikayi x ChiChiSiobhann
Artist's Description
This lyrical piece paints a picture of a heartbroken girl who's heart is mended by a new love, helping her to be herself and love again!

Genre(s): Jazz, General Country, Acoustic Pop, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Mellow, Optimistic, Positive, Romantic, Sweet
Style(s): Commercial, Theatre
Language(s): English
Standard License:$35.00
Extended License:$120.00

You Found Me

By Vimbikayi x ChiChiSiobhann
[Verse 1]
You found me, I found you, we found each other/
But when you found me, I wasn't me, so you found another/
You found my pain, you found me hurt and you took it all/
You found regret, you found doubt, but you heard my heart's call/

[Verse 2]
You found me insecure, you found me sore but you didn't judge/
You found me alone, I pushed you away, but you wouldn't budge/
You found me cold, you found me numb and ripped open/
You found me sad and made me smile, though I was broken/

[Verse 3]
You found my pieces, put them together and made my heart beat/
You found my smile, encouraged my laughter and kept it on repeat/
You found my heart, and made it new, chased away all the pain/
You found me, you found her, you found that girl again/


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