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Artist: Barry H
Artist's Description
A person going through his old videos and reminiscing.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, R-n-B, Love Songs, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Cool, Dreamy, Fun, Happy
Style(s): Ballad, Historical, Nostalgic, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$200.00
Extended License:$400.00


By Barry H
Written By Barry H

Verse 1
When you watch your old videos
Do they touch you deep inside.
Like the first time your watched the Titanic
Did it make you cry.

Sometimes I watch my old home videos
And relive my old memories once again.
Seeing everyone from the old days
My old feeling's start kicking back in.

Verse 2
Those old videos are just there hybernating
Until I play them once again.
A few old friends have passed on to heaven
I'm still missing them.

Sometimes my mind just wonders
When I play them all back again.
It's like walking in a old abandoned building
And my hair's stand up on end.

Looking at these old videos
Everyone has changed so much.
The hot girls then are now all old, fat and wrinkled
Complete Opposites.
Every video I watch I feel empty
Like a old dirty abandoned home.
"Abandoned Again" With my loneliness
Feeling sad again and alone.
"Abandoned Again" With my loneliness
Feeling so sad and àlone.

Bridge / Middle Section

Verse 3
A day later I'm still watching these old videos
And I'm still feeling creepy inside.
After all the times I've been cheated on
Watching my wives still hurts inside

Again I feel emptyness
As I walk across the room.
It's eary hearing some of those old voices
Knowing some of them have met their doom.

Verse 4
My hair's are standing up again
When I look at my old family and friends.
My life now is completely different
Than it was way back then.

Today I'm feeling sentimental
Knowing that most of them have I'll never see again.
I named all the videos in my collection
Called "Abandoned Again".

"Abandoned Again" Is my life story
Now my videos amount to a hundred and ten.
"Abandoned Again" Is my complete history
Of being cheated on and "Abandoned Again.

"ABANDONED AGAIN" Is my whole history
Of being cheated on and "ABANDONED AGAIN"


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