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Great minds think alike

Artist: Papi Nasasmen
Artist's Description
Nasasmen, oops I did it again.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, East Coast Rap, Gangsta
Mood(s): Bright, Disturbing, Simple
Style(s): Beach Party, Bollywood
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$25.00

great minds think alike

By Papi Nasasmen
Great minds think alike, knowhati’msaying nigga
I’m trying to re and the job still paying nigga
I got a 72 month loan
So I need about 72 zones
And I ain’t waiting around for the bone
We on to large stakes, oxtails and rig atone
Whatever the Barksdale say is in my songs
And I got a wife at home and no dome
Wanting to move to a a higher equation
Range Rovers, so move over Kia
But this takes patience
And my virtue is still in God’s hands and at the mercy of god’s plans
I don’t fxxx with Farrah FAM
I don’t pray like the Massad and
I got straight stamina
And I’m at the round table
Because stocks money’s slow
And we keep blowing it on cable
And the living single is the easy way out
We ten toes in thinking bout it while others doubt
Cuz they can’t make what I do cuz
I prayed that nobody get hit or catch a slug
Hollywood dateback I’m still acting up
Thinking bout Nasasmen he don’t rap with us
And I ain’t on Miami Gardens
And they ain’t catching us
Straight like that I’m bout my thug
And I, justify that put in a bag and tie it
I’m a hybrid dealer
Meaning priceless
No yea or rice
Yet I can tell you what the price is
See I still get it in real nasty like
After a Verse
The whole world gone pass the mic

Great minds think alike
Head above the struggle
The script I stick to it
All I need is no fermaldadykes
In my squad that be going hard
I ain’t shaving no hard of soft and going off


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