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Pup Yuzuki

Artist: JWF
Artist's Description
This is a happy song about a child and his dog.

Genre(s): Childrens Music, General Childrens Music, Nursery Rhymes
Mood(s): Childlike, Happy
Style(s): Cartoon, Childrens Production, Friendship
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Pup Yuzuki

I love my puppy

my puppy Zuki

And I know he loves me too

puppy Zuki!!!

When I was two

The things he do

To keep me happy and safe

puppy Zuki!!!

He is young

And full of fun

and he is my best friend

Puppy Zuki!!!

I have to say

that I prayed

For a puppy just like him

puppy Zuki!!!


I love my puppy

My pup Yuzuki

And I know He loves me too

Puppy Zuki


He’s is cute

My little boo

What a lovely, puppy shiba inu

Puppy Zuki!!


I love my puppy

My puppy Zuki

And I know he loves me too

Pup Yuzuki !!!


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