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Last Shot

Artist: timothy p. carroll
Artist's Description
My lyrics is about transcending physical realms.

Genre(s): Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Dark, Hypnotic
Style(s): Alternative
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Last Shot

By timothy p. carroll
Leave the gloss behind...use the front door. Backed up, but never dead, avalanches will roar wit thunder. Your souls' not in your head..presented with eyes that bring you blindness. Into this life rain will fall, washing away the tears is not easy. You will shake your fist., and yell foul.
Feet moving to the wrong rhythm, out of sync,links on a chain, taking for granted, the clock keeps moving. It's striking the time away...
You keep relying on hope...with little faith, can't cut the mustard, leaves you cold. You did up the facts, but can't distinguish the fiction. The bigger the lie, the more that it grows....
nothing but footsteps, making decisions, overplaying many lives. Past, present and future, locked in a theory, peace won't see the sky.
Needing the polish to make the gem glitter, the mark will find it's place. On the tract, your memory lives. Bring along some heavenly grace.
So I say to you, and all the travelers, luck does not exist.
Over the course, I bid thee goodwill, but you must seal your on kiss.
So be it, to the center, rush to your glory.
Fifty steps or more, it matters not, the end result you can't avoid.
The sound you hear, will be the last shot...escaping the terror, of your mind.
The sound you hear, will be the last shot...escaping the terror, of your mind.


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