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How We Can Be

Artist: Mike Cushman
Artist's Description
Styalistic influence, bob seager,elton John,billy joel, james taylor, cat stevens

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Heavy
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): English
Standard License:$15.00

How We Can Be

By Mike Cushman
Old louis on the porch
He's wet himself again
Screaming at his wife Eeny
They're both drunk as sin

Lost both legs in the war
Drunk and cranky every day
Nieve neighborhood kids
Teased and laughed
No thought of how he got that way

The measure of a man
Aint the size of his feet
It's the path that he choses
And the foot prints he leaves
Walk mile in someone's shoes
I'm sure you will see
How he came to be

She's high and drunk every day
Talk of the town
All the boys would say
That she got around

her beauty and her smile
Got here all her needs
Drunk daddy when she was young
Did perverted deeds

She married her best friend
A woman the same age
Opened a shelter for children
Too help them turn the page

The measure of a woman
Aint the size of her feet
It's the path that she chooses
And the foot prints she leaves
Walk mile in someone's shoes
I'm sure you will see
How she came to be

Tommy killed himself
At the age of 18
Kids were always mean

But at 12 years old
A predator came around
letting all the boys shoot guns
the fastest snow mobiles around

He tried touching me
That was that
but a lot of boys
They went back

Some became drunks
Some always searching
Some high all the time
His name was Earl Murchie

The measure of a person
Aint the size of their feet
It's the path that they choose
And the footprints they leave
Walk mile in someone's shoes
I'm sure you will see
How they came to be

When someone is on pain
A lost soul in need
We need to reach out
And plant the seed

Do unto others
As you would have them do to you
I think all religions
believe this is true

It's time to stop and think
Of the path we chose
And the foot prints we leave
Walk a mile in someone's shoes
So that we can see
How we came to be!!


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