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Artist: ML Sund
Artist's Description
Based on the oil sands operations in northern Canada.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, General Hip Hop, General Rap, General Pop
Mood(s): Dark, Disturbing, Industrial, Sad, Tension
Style(s): Alternative, Dramatic Soundtrack, Environment, Humanity
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$50.00


By ML Sund
All our dreams buried
In a bleak horizon
Decadent decay
Pursue our poison.
Suck fossils dry
Low decline
Rape Lady Earth
For rusty dimes.
Flush the account
Fill it with gold
The land insolvent
We'll grow rich, not old.

Treasures thick
Under black ice
Machines track
Roll the dice.
Strike the shot
Burn the hut
Fell the trees
Corporate slut.
Rivers shed
Traipse the wash
Monster’s bed
Tar’s a-slosh.

Swampy dream
Super truck
Tailings waste
Give a fxxx?
Peer across land
Pelican lake
Poisoned jackfish
Lay in our wake.
Spout our answers
To questions lost
They should forget
Our old promise.

Midnight sun
She thaws our dreams
We built a house
And from the closet, screams.
Through broken windows
See snow and sand
Our silver castles
Shadow this land.
The river of old
Still snakes beyond
Runs beside
Our poisoned pond.
State of the union
State of demise
Every sunset
A banker's prize.
The great old peoples
Never think
We'll poison the shore
And let them sink.
Acid washed
Headlong steam
Shoulders stiff
Callous dream.

Edward's plot
And filthy palms
With severed fingers
Clutching bonds.
Choppers land
Men arrive
Blasted game
You shouldn’t win
Lay the chips
Say you’re in.
Sick and fruitless
Night can wait
Black sky above
Now daylight breaks.
Light the land
Sick and stripped
Forest plowed
Edges ripped.
Ebony diamonds
Wake our greed
In a glittering field
Of winter dreams.


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