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If you was real

Artist: Papi Nasasmen
Artist's Description
Shout out to DMX, for all he has done for the industry. This song is made for Papi Nasasmen ft. Beyoncé and DMX

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Bouncy, Calm, Cool
Style(s): Desire, Dramatic Soundtrack, Soundscape
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100,000.00
Extended License:$200.00

if you was real

By Papi Nasasmen
If you was real…
Make a song with Beenie Siegal
Then I get some gutter love but that’s it,
I make that same song with Adeil
Then it’s gone be a hit
Another chart topper verses what new York respects
Which is love for a rapper
They don’t give a fxxx what a trapper nets,
So at the same time,
I don’t care about anything
Beyond making hit song’s
I don’t sling
And when I used to,
We did shit better than you,
And when we did it
It was at temperture’s but no bird flu,
So I don’t give a fxxx about which Jayz you work with
And they say his Keapernick comments ain’t do to well but when he spits
He is the largest trendsetter, shooting in the Lube making video’s
And I grasp that,that is history
But I’m the greatest at what I compose
So if I ain’t getting money with Jayz, I could care less
When all the fxxx that he cares about is what I net, and what’s next
That I make and what I make could drop his numbers real quick
He wouldn’t be on the charts if I make a hit
And the radio lovers don’t care neither,
They either
Like Meagan Thee Stallion or Da Baby, not Ether
So I got up with Beyonce but in the back of my mind
I know she’s the biggest artist bigger than Jayz by design
And his company surprisingly ain’t pay me shit
So I don’t give a fxxx what Carter album could make them a hit
Thing done changed like my reality
So I guess I rap for CapitalOne because they added more on to my salary
And if money ain’t in my account, I can’t live off your credits
I think your trying to bullshit me,
See now I’m combating the conspiracy,
When we was in them streets
We sold more
When I got in the stu,
What I wrote was going for more
With or without the airplay
I ran open doors
So keep ya’ mouth closed
What is that working with Jayz shit hitting for,
When I work two jobs and what you offering don’t mention more
And I can afford any whip even an Aventador
So just to make it even, we ain’t hating but getting more
Is you the realist or I’m realer
fxxx my drug dealer allure
Granted that X might not be breathing again
You see
Even when I loose I win
So DMX, I invited him to this track
And we gone count this money
So ya’ll sit back


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