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Artist: timothy p. carroll
Artist's Description
This is a love song about changes to purify the soul of a relationship.

Genre(s): Rock, Classic Rock
Mood(s): Solid
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): French


By timothy p. carroll
Annihilation, destroy me with your love.
Annihilation,take what you need.
When there's nothing left, and you need some more, when you have to lose to find the door,
and the knocks you deliver, don't answer the call,
Annihiltion, let yourself fall.
To destroy is to change.
Don't be a fool. Rearrange, annihilation come steal the scene .
In the midst of it all let your wishes be.
Annihilation, take away what is gone,
Annihilation , you thought you had it all..
When the need arises to follow the pace and you've had enough of whats not there.
The conflict will come to shoot you down and you'll cry out loud in your despair.
The blame you'll put on everything, with yourself in a covered dream.
Trying to get naked, don't be so proud, with your ego needing security, you'll hold on tight.
Annihilation, destroy me with your love,
Annilhilation, take what you need....


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