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The Homeless Man

Artist: Mark Courtney
Artist's Description
The Homeless Man. A story of a homeless man meeting a kind stranger who tries to help.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Pop, Brit Pop
Mood(s): Melancholic, Sad
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$15.00
Extended License:$30.00

The Homeless Man

By Mark Courtney
The Homeless Man.
What kind of life have you been sold
No where to land
You are left out in the cold
Who are we to judge reasons
That were out if your control
Without a plan the homeless man

You hope to just get by
With the change found on the street
Hoping to change your life
From a stranger you might meet
No matter what the season is
You'll be on your feet
Tell me where it began the homeless man

Every body has a story to be told
Under pressure the strongest steel will fold
The streets are cold and dark
They're not paved with gold
What kind of life have you been sold
When you're feeling lonely in the cold

I'm calling you the homeless man
Cos I don't know your name
Let me introduce myself
You can do the same
I'll be back tomorrow
To check that you're ok
Been my pleasure getting to know you today
I'll get you hot meal and
I'll be on my way
Been a pleasure getting to know you today

Maybe somebody to talk to
To pass the time
Offer you a step on the ladder
That you can climb
I'll contact your family
And tell them you're not fine
I'll do what I can
The Homeless Man.


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