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Holiday Dreams

Artist: John Clayton
Artist's Description
Holiday songs are always a challenge. Keeping that feel good message while not becoming "cheesy" or overly denominational. Holiday Dreams gives off the inspirational , feel good Holiday message while still remaining all inclusive in a way that will cross many different styles And genres.

Genre(s): Holiday, General Easy Listening, Christmas, General Holiday
Mood(s): Happy, Introspective, Joyous, Positive, Thoughtful
Style(s): Christmas, Humanity, Inspirational/Christian, Thanksgiving
Language(s): English
Holiday DreamsStandard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

Holiday Dreams

By John Clayton
In the children's glowing eyes
I see the last lights getting low
They're holding silent wishes
In loving hearts that overflow
But now it's time for bed my angels
Go and dream our Holiday dreams
Of happiness, harmony, peace, and family

Happiness for everyone
Throughout the coming year
Harmony for the world
No more pain, no more fear
Peace, peace of mind
For all of those without
And family, so full of love
Never leaving us with doubt

In the Holidays we give our love
To those we know and trust
We let the bad times slip away
We gift of forgiveness where we must
And just like a child's heart
So open with belief
We find a way to to open up
A door to humanity

The wind dances through the pines
Doves quietly take flight
The needles drop so silently
Like snowflakes in the night
Now as we gather around together
Through these days so happily
We should remember those less fortunate
And in our hearts hold them near

2021 John Clayton / SoulTide Music


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