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Keep calm and carry on

Artist: Michelle Morris
Artist's Description
Patriotic, inspiring and uplifting celebration of being British.

Genre(s): Soundtrack, General Easy Listening, Film Soundtrack, Television Soundtrack
Mood(s): Anthemic, Patriotic, Positive, Proud, Regal
Style(s): Broadway Musicals, Celebration, Inspirational, Patriotic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

Keep calm and carry on

By Michelle Morris
Keep calm and carry on,
It is the British way;
We stand together, soldier on,
Making our country better...

Keep calm and carry on,
We're there for one another;
Friends, loved ones and neighbours,
Making our community stronger...

Keep calm and carry on,
We set an example for our children;
No matter what the situation,
They have the strength to overcome it...

Keep calm and carry on,
Our island is our refuge,
But we extend our love and peace
To all humans on this earth...


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