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Artist: Jenni P
Artist's Description
A song about life a song about the school of hard knocks

Genre(s): Blues, Emo, General Blues
Mood(s): Angry
Style(s): Action Adventure
Language(s): English
Extended License:$200.00


By Jenni P
I've been pushed around
you've knocked me to the ground
I've spent half my life
on my knees
But now I can stand alone
I can face tis world
when I need to on my own

I'm a survivor
I know what just to do
I will survive
no matter what you put me through
I'll keep on surviving
till my time on Earth is through

All of those times
I had suicide on my mind
I found out after a time
I would start wondering
If maybe tomorrow
things would start going right

I used to think about my future
then the past would rear its head
Now I've learned to live again
I've stopped wishing to be dead


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