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BOSS The Carters ft. Papi Nasasmen

Artist: Papi Nasasmen
Artist's Description
BOSS The Carters influenced me to write a remix. The greatest songwriter of all times, Papi Nasasmen with another one.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, General Rap
Mood(s): Flowing, Fun, Light
Style(s): Commercial, Hi-Tech, ThirtySomething
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$25.00

BOSS The Carters ft. Papi Nasasmen

By Papi Nasasmen
Streets taught me intellect
Of illegal before I went legit
Miami mafia handled they business
But won’t crisp with it
Didn’t pay their staff of support
Courts be ringing it
On a up north trip
The first time I put this in manuscript
Like a rip off, they ain’t want to lift off
Like a boss
In a rooming house they ain’t pay me shit
Miami mafia is underlined
They are counterfit
CMB turned they back on em
And on the mic I’m bound to rip
That’s the nature of the biest
They game and how they designed
You could be Dan Marino
And they act like they blind
I ain’t want the half they owe me
When my flag was half staff
They don’t pay half of they staff
Then with a foolish grin them niggaz laugh
All on banana boats
Iching for a Instagram
Claiming that they the Jack Ham
And as a one man band
I learned a knot
Or come change for my cig’s as a loiterer
And they equated to change in my pocket
So I ain’t exploit cha
But when they call the coroner
And it won’t my time
Them fools left me without one fxxxing dime
And I was loyal cuz loitering is a fxxxing crime
But now I kill they crew, we CMB of the bucket rhymes
See now I’m like Busta Ryhmes
And ya’ll love that nigga too
The same way Jigga do
I respect all greats so Jay I don’t spit at you
Cuz as a hustler on the block
I worked for you and you didn’t ridicule
And I ,
Pitty the fool who do so
Cuz when they homey’s spit in the streets
I hit em like Luruso
And as a real mob boss
Just know I got parameters
Before I hit they banana boats
Like I’m Jeru the Damaja
Not with a sauwed off
Because I’mma mob boss
My code is we all floss
I only salute that common cause


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