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'Gather Round'

Artist: GemInEye
Artist's Description
I'm the spirit of pagan pride and the ways of the old, this is one about the Goddess Morrighan

Genre(s): Metal, Black/Death Metal, General Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Bitter, Evil, Fast
Style(s): Confusion, Danger, Death
Language(s): English
Standard License:$1.00
Extended License:$1.00

'Gather Round'

By GemInEye
When I met you I couldn't believe my sight

No man alive
had seen so much strife

You told me everybody needs to
get together as one all in one group

In one cosmic blast
I saw my truth

This was all because because of you

Morrighan Morrighan
how can I see you


the moment that
all of that juice

was in

that moment who I was
is not the same man

Morrighan bring me to interplanetary lands

It was with 3 tokes
as instructed before

I cannot give credit to this chemical war

I was not alone this was a party
but what I saw then is now a part of me

laugh if you wish, it really is funny
how everyone cares about power and money

missing the point of what it really means
to be alive now as a human being

given the circumstance
I kept it secret per chance

but now I see that I must live this truth

I've been gifted by you
to bring happiness the fruit

that never will wither
the eternal giver

It's now that I know
what it is that I must do

Gather round
get together
just do it

stop thinking no thinking
ever played the music

gather round
get together
just do it
dont be stupid

no thinking ever danced
these old worn out shoes yea!

Now gather round and dance


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