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Love and tears

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
About unhappy love, like a warning what will happen if you fall into the trap

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Mournful, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Extended License:$100.00

love and tears

By jerry freemann
1 you live inside my dreams
each saves me and redeems
you live inside my mind
you always make my thoughts refined

2 I dream of you each day
you’re never far away
I dream of you each night
each dream of you makes me feel right

pre chorus 1
you make me crave for love so sweet
but what I get from you is pain
we’re side by side but never meet
I try to meet you but in vain

3 there’s not much I can do
to be there close to you
there’s not much I can make
in this respect to get a break

4 you live here close to me
but I can only see
as you are walking by
you can’t feel that I pine and cry

pre chorus 2
you bring me suffering and tears
why do love have to bring me these
and all my love just disappears
I’m broken-hearted on my knees

love and tears go hand in hand
something I don’t understand
love and pain are always close
it’s best to drop it I suppose

love will bring you pain
for long it will remain
love will bring you tears
that you will shed for years


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