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Wine and lust

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
I think the title says it all. About the effect of wine and the way we perceive love or rather without beating about the bush - sex

Genre(s): Pop, Rock
Mood(s): Mellow, Romantic
Style(s): Nightclub, Sex
Language(s): English
Extended License:$100.00

wine and lust

By jerry freemann
1 I see you coming round
you shake the skies and ground
I see you walking by
you shake the whole blue sky

2 I see your lovely smile
I’m awestruck for a while
I see your figure too
that leaves me awestruck too

pre chorus 1
and as I drink my wine
I feel it down my spine
I stop myself from kissing you but just
but as I drink here though
I’m gonna let you know
that more sweet wine will mean I’ll feel more lust

3 and every sip I take
keeps my thirst more awake
with each sip sweet and cold
there’s more bliss to behold

4 and in my mind we kiss
and then I feel that bliss
I ravage you right there
we don’t mind those who stare

pre chorus 2
and as I drink my wine
it keeps my dreams so fine
the raw desire must do what it must
I cannot stop my thirst
I feel it’s gonna burst
cause more sweet wine will mean I’ll feel more lust

wine and lust – they go together
wine and lust join up for ever
wine and lust – are both in fashion
wine and lust will bring hot passion

have a glass then have two
it is good for me and you
have a drink it is free
till you feel the same as me


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