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Forgive me

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
a song about a repenting sinner

Genre(s): Country, Gospel and Religious
Mood(s): Anxious, Thoughtful
Style(s): Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Extended License:$100.00

forgive me

By jerry freemann
1 I have stained myself in shame
though I praise Lord every day
played and lost the devil’s game
don’t know now what I should say

2 he would make me use my hand
he would enter my lost mind
through means I don’t understand
I am now left in a bind

3 I have stained myself with sin
though I’ve been of cleanest heart
I can see the devil’s grin
when he grins all troubles start

4 he would enter my poor eyes
and I lost the good road sign
I could not see his disguise
so he made me cross the line

now I walk and I cry
ask myself how come and why
was I blind was I sick
I fell for the devil’s trick

paradise disappears
I pray shedding bitter tears
devil came to my head
sometimes I wish I was dead

I won’t relent
I’ll take the pain
I must repent
erase the stain

I will not rest
won’t hide or run
I’ve felt so blessed
what have I done

will I ever be forgiven
if for ever I repent
I am desperate I am driven
in my anguish I lament


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