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I caught a midnight train

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
The song 'midnight train to Georgia' was the inspiration as well as the sad passing of the writer

Genre(s): Blues, Pop
Mood(s): Hypnotic, Mellow, Positive
Style(s): Nightclub, Travelling
Language(s): English
Extended License:$100.00

I caught a midnight train

By jerry freemann
1 the shaking’s going on
through dusk all night to dawn
the knocking will not cease
it puts my mind at ease

2 I’m going there ahead
from boring past I fled
I’m moving on the track
don’t know if I’ll come back

3 I see the starry skies
they twinkle in my eyes
the shaking is so kind
it soothes my heart and mind

4 I do not care where to
as long as I go through
I do not mind how long
I like that knocking song

I have caught a midnight train
all night dreams will start to reign
on a trip to promised land
with nirvana just at hand

I am in my sweetest zone
on my way I go alone
when the train stops I will know
which way then my winds will blow

a midnight train will take me far away
from all the troubles of my yesterday
a midnight train to yet another state
I don’t mind when cause I am never late

another mile
goes with a style
another one
brings out the sun

a thousandth miles
bring thousand smiles
then calm warm night
brings starry light


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