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A smile

Artist: Annie D
Artist's Description
I would say my lyrics may be characterised by a theme of triumph over heartache, loss or disaster. The experiences we share, our obstacles and with a message of hope, love and survival throughout. The lyrics can be soothing to read both in their meaning and rhyming nature.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop, Love Songs, Ambient Electronica, Chillout/Lounge, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Calm, Introspective, Melancholic, Peaceful, Thoughtful
Style(s): Heartbreak, Inspirational, Nostalgic, Triumph
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$40.00

A smile

By Annie D
How far does the mind go to give us a little hope
Too painful all around but she always had the soaps
That’s what kids do anyway, pretend and imitate
Quick to tell a joke but avoiding her own fate
Merry down and Regal king-size, a dealer on the way
Kind to everybody with nothing real to say
Until her heart exploded, she recognised the depth
A stranger struck a chord and at night she simply wept
She would meet inside a lover, her own lonely, broken heart
The merry down won’t help her find those missing parts
Been lying so long, to everyone, hiding from the pain
She began to feel the music and nothing would be the same
If I want to be authentic, if I truly want to see
The beauty of another, then I need to start with me
Course at first it wasn’t easy, to get to know her heart
Not like the others around here, walking different paths
A broken heart is open and though it hurt for quite a while
The universe then gave her the gift of someone’s smile
Each smile became a star inside her haunted, darkened mind
A star became a friend and she learned how to confide
She grew to love with passion, creative to the core
She listened hard to others, her soul an open door
She learned to understand that no-one is ever alone
The truth of life is love so she made her heart a home.
There were rewards to understanding everything we are
Even within the darkness there will be many, many stars.
She leaned in on the universe which always knew her truth
And she learned to heal in nature, capturing the best view.
Finding hearts still broken, she promised them a smile
It might not heal your pain but it’ll guide you for a while.


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