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Caught By The Impressionists

Artist's Description
I imagined this being sung with a melodic tune in a 'Lloyd Cole' singing style.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Rock, General Rock
Mood(s): Confident, Playful, Positive, Thoughtful
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Standard License:$10.00
Extended License:$20.00

Caught By The Impressionists

Verse 1:
I come from an area where I was part of a Main Street
but nothing here is better than something back there.
We’re the dreamers and the stragglers and fell in together’s
Now I’ve permanent calluses underneath my fingernails
and tin can art can the Holy Grail.

Cos I I I I I……have been caught by the impressionists.
I know that Picasso was both a genius and a prick.
And my world can never again be black and white
I dream in fabulous Van Gogh colours at midnight.

Verse 2:
I sleep in sofas and spare room bedrooms
send out some arrows from out of cupid’s bow.
Gonna make the world my exhibition hall.
Couple of public notices for defacement art
sometimes just put the horse behind the cart.

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:
Kissed a girl just cos I wanted to know how it tastes
I’m into disassembling, rambling and riding the rails.
Find myself in love with someone who doesn’t mould his gold.
Wanna carve it, shape it and be nothing but a wasteful bitch
please save me from ever wanting to be rich.
Let butterflies always be caught in the setting sun.
Let butterflies always be caught in the setting sun.

Chorus x 3


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