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Head Full of You...

Artist: Mark L
Artist's Description
Waiting to get back to lover

Genre(s): Country, Soundtrack, General Country, Love Songs
Mood(s): Bright, Easy, Flowing, Romantic
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Extended License:$75.00

Head Full of You...

By Mark L
Head Full of You

I’m ridin a train with a head full of you
Looking at the clouds passing me by
Picturing your face up in the sky
Closing my eyes thinking of yours

Wait for me darling
Just be there for me babe
Ohh-hold onto your love
And save it all for me

How much longer do we have to wait
For my journey to come to an end
I need to feel you next to me baby
I just want to feel you near to me


I can feel the loco slowing down
At last the track is nearing its end
I just need to get close to you baby
Like the train needs it’s tracks


Now we can make love babe
Our lips together like lovers do
Let me make love to you baby
Until we reach the end


Now it’s time to roll again
Until the loco brings me back
We can be lovers again darling
Let me just keep you in my head

Ridin a train with a head full of you.
Ooh yea baby my baby
With a head full of you yeah oh yea --rpt


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