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Artist's Description
This lyric is about the unfairness of life and how misfortune can befall any one of us. It does include some dark humour.

Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country, General Country, Contemporary Folk
Mood(s): Anthemic, Dramatic, Haunting, Mournful, Thoughtful
Style(s): Alternative, Humanity, Peace, Story
Language(s): English
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Millions of songs are sung every day that no one will ever hear
Man on the corner he sing, “Hey there brother, can you buy me a beer”
Man in a hurry he just walk on by, cos he’s singing a song of his own
Steps off the sidewalk and my, oh my…
He‘s knocked down dead as a stone.

Chorus 1
Well, there are songs for the living and hymns for the dead
There are prayers for the faithful and few
There are song-lines to be followed and dances to be led
There’s millions like me and you.

Millions of people get touched every day, but no one can really feel
Girl in the doorway she sing “hey there babe – how many dollars for a deal”
Man in the middle he just drive on by, cos he’s doing a deal of his own
Makes the right connection at just the wrong time – Oh Lord
Who shot the sheriff on the phone?

Chorus 2
There’s the song of the siren, there’s the call of the wild
There are phone-ins for the sad and the blue
A DJ for the lonely, a doctor for the child
There’s millions like me and you.

Millions of names get written every day that no one will ever read
Kid on the roadside he just wave at me – he can’t say what he need
Men in the convoy they just roll on by, cos they’re building a world of their own
Get to the border crossing just in time – Oh Lord, out of the danger zone.

Chorus 3
Now there are marches for the masters, and a song for the slave
There’s an anthem for the brave and the free
There are choirs for the saviour and solos for the saved
There’s millions like you and me.


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