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Artist: Sky
Artist's Description
Hello Friends, Wanna travel ? Lets go through these lyrics together.
I wish someone could use my lyrics and present it throgh their hardwark and love they have towards making a change in this vast universe. Thanks :)

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Film Soundtrack, Sci-Fi
Mood(s): Outer-Space, Thoughtful
Style(s): Action Adventure, Humanity, Nature/Science/Cultural, Sci-Fi
Language(s): English


By Sky
Hey buddy rollup that shit,
put up on your lip and whistle like Me,

Be Like water my friend and flow like CHI,
Don't mention me mention He,
Is he there in the corner staring at us?
Or is he around being one of us,
sometime I feel there's none of us,
then I realize there's one of us.

scared the shit out of me.
Baby don't fall in love please,
or should i say this,
like a robo u glitch.
fake love fake sure thing,
why should I be your king?.
Give me a reason make me understand me,
don't underestimate me,
I got whole universe in my mind,
baby i grind day n night.
To keep us Allright.

Don't make me swear to God coz m already goddamn God.
Crying full of heart
tearing my part apart
coz my part is you me n you just .
Burning like a fire u are ash in my hand,
Hash in my hand baby cash in my hand,
My style is in trend multidimensional plan.
let's take a trip to this universe,
let's make this multiverse,
u can't see what i can with my eyes,
that's Right that's Right.
Take my vision n... explore,
You gotta open that door,
Truth lies behind which connects your mind to divine.
Nothing is yours which is mine
Ease... Have a Rest.... In peace
I got attitude in my knees,
When I take photo say cheese,

sits above us all, he's the one who sees it all,
gotta take my shot, thats my call..
I take the fall for ..for us
I need you to trust, me coz my cause is not just
..please adjust..coz you must..
its you and me, two's a team
we hold the weight, we lift the beam..
just follow the dreams and we take the cream
and have it all..
baby hold your breath as we take the ride
to the brighter side, with you by my side..


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