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Life of Adventure

Artist: Gary Edward Allen
Artist's Description
My song Life of adventure is about the adventures in life we would all love to have

Genre(s): Pop
Mood(s): Bright
Style(s): Friendship
Language(s): English
Standard License:$35.00

Life of Adventure

By Gary Edward Allen
Heart of Adventure

Battling dragons that breathe blazing f fire
It's the heart of adventure that we desire
We'll take a boat and sail far from shore
With Holy angels crying out for more
We'll walk the road to it's final end
Our honor we will always defend

Chorus:An endless life of aventure is ours
May it lay written in Heavenly stars

Live a life of adventure till we die
Imagine we have wings to truly fly
Catch a wave to a magical place
Travel tthe endless time and space

Chrous:An endless life of adventue is ours
May it lay written in Heavenly stars

With god's love forever in hand
We'll travel to a foriegn land
As we wish upon heavenly stars
We know that the future is ours
Life of adventure is what we lead
Knowing your true love is all I need

An endless life of adventure is ours
May it lay written in Heavenly stars

By Gary Edward Allen 2021


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