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Took your place

Artist: Jamie Alexandra
Artist's Description
Simple constructed lyric about how someone took her place and how I still miss her and wonder if it was really worth it

Genre(s): R-n-B, Love Songs, Mood Music, Soul
Mood(s): Romantic, Soft
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English

Took your place

By Jamie Alexandra
Hoping things were different, hoping things were not this way
I always kept your heart safe while you putting mine through pain
Now we’re separated like there was no other way
Deep down I still miss you but somebody took your place

The same way somebody took mine
I just called to see if you are doing fine
All the voicemails made me believe I’m out of time
But at least I’m not out of line
Like you were when you broke mine
But anyway…
I just wanted to know if you’re doing fine, I heard you’re a mom now
I heard he left you crying all alone, I guess you had your guard down
Another single mother that watched all her big dreams crash
And I’m just another artist chasing my dreams and chasing this fxxxing cash
But that don’t mean I want you back
Me writing this song don’t mean I need you back
My last girl did me dirty
But me and my current, we’re a perfect match
I’m talking no strings attached
Yes, I change them on a daily
You filled my heart with pain
So honestly, can you blame me
That’s what I told myself until someone real special stepped into my life
I don’t wanna make you jealous but I think I met my wife
And I saw your status too, I guess I can only wish you the best
Mabey it wasn’t real love, maybe It as just a test


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