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Your Life Is Amazing

Artist: Vince O’Donovan
Artist's Description
We spend too much time looking back on things that we regret. This song is about enjoying and appreciating what you have now. I have composed music to accompany the lyrics for all my songs

Genre(s): Pop, Acoustic Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Joyous, Optimistic, Positive, Thoughtful
Style(s): Humanity, Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English

Your Life Is Amazing

By Vince O’Donovan
Memory withers as age descends
Forgotten faces, forgotten friends
Tiny glimpses of moments past
A brief reminder, that never lasts

But the times were amazing
Hearts full of love and pulses racing
Your voice, rejoice, this life we’re given
Embrace, your place, you should start living

Don’t take for granted one single day
Sometimes it’s hard to keep the pain away
Kindness, the greatest gift to give
It feeds their hope, it helps you live

We all make mistakes, getting it right
We’re very human, it’s a constant fight
Bitter judgements, looking back
They’re never helpful, gotta change that tack

But your life is amazing
Soul full of love and spirits blazing
Your time, is now, you’ve got to take it
Somewhere, somehow, you’re going to make it

Fear can haunt you and make you drown
Shake it off, don’t drag it around
Stand as the one you’re proud to be
Life has such possibility

Hey your life is amazing
You’re full of love, you’re spirits blazing (x2)


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