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Artist: Jamie Alexandra
Artist's Description
In this work imagine me as a famous celebrity and I say all the I would have said if I had an interview. At the end of it all, I bring the listener back into reality, reminding them I'm not really there yet. My imagination is playing games with me. :-')

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, General Rap
Mood(s): Cool, Determined
Style(s): Comedy
Language(s): English


By Jamie Alexandra
What if I wake up tomorrow being a rich and famous celebrity?
And I had an interview
Scheduled with somebody that everybody knew
What would I say, what would I do
Would I be the wise guy or just a stupid fool
That talks about my clothes and all my hoes
And how I switch them up like I got multiple flows
Nah, I aint up for that
50 million for my soul? You can have it back
I’ll rather sip on some Henny with a fat blunt
With my homies that always had my back
But thanks for having me on the show
You can tell I’m talented by the way I flow
Please don’t ask questions to stuff that Google already knows
And, yes I am single but that don’t mean I don’t keep hoes
But there is this one girl, I’m trying to keep it silent
Me realising she is my biggest fan happened in private
Not even in person, so imagine what we’ll be together
Mabey Jay and Queen Bee. But I’ve learned not to rush tings
Just give it time and watch it get better
Plus, its already hard finding a woman that your mother will approve of
That girl is still making headlines, but that’s enough
I’m sure you wanna know what makes my mind tick
I love my mother dearly but I have a hard time saying it
I wish Phora was my mentor because he seems to know how to cope with it
And I’d love to collab with Tupac just so we can talk shit
I wish I could meet the president and say “Hey wussup?”
“How you planning on changing the education system because that shit sucks”
We go to school to go to school again just to pay taxes
Living in the “Working class trap” feeling lost and hopeless
I watch her get happy for her social grant because I know she need it
Then she turns around and use the money to feed her habit
Somewhere we as youth have to act on it
But lemme talk about something lighter
Winlolene and Handy-Andy made my Nikes look whiter
And I think you should try it
Before my confidence blows up
It got my heart beating so fast I think I might throw up
On every single person that ever spoke bad of me
And a shout out to my fans for always supporting me
And with that said, thank you for having me…

“What if I really make it big?”, as I stand behind the mic, thinking to myself
I’m a talented rapper with something to prove to no one but myself
I keep my flag white, neutral. Not red and neither blue
And my Nikes aren’t that white, but I’ll still wear them to the interview.


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