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At Night

Artist: tear
Artist's Description
About my lyrics... My inspiration is living, in general.
My life, my soul, human lives and their souls. Connections, actions, emotions. World and reality as well as dreams and fantasies.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Love Songs, General Hip Hop, General Pop, Anime
Mood(s): Confused, Complex, Dreamy, Melancholic
Style(s): Desire, Heartbreak, Humanity, Nostalgic
Language(s): Eastern European,English
Extended License:$150.00

At Night

By tear
You made me run away
made me crazy day after day
but you never let me out of your reach,
just like a prey.
you still want me to stay-
you need me to stay-
you beg me to stay.

I told you close them but you opened your eyes
what are you trying to do?
Look up to the skies or to all the lies,
that you said,
and the fake life that you led,
what are you trying to see?
oh, yes it’s still here
the devil inside of me,
you want me to ask him to leave
but that’s not how it’s gonna be...
you can go anytime,
but he’s staying with me.

You’re wrecking my system
please, step aside
stop blocking my view tonight
you’re breaking my mind tonight
stop scraping my heart, alright?

I always run around not following the directions
but don’t u worry about me, I don’t need your protection,
grew up breaking through the limit of my age
and you think you can come up to me to teach me a lesson, huh?
Fixedly denying I’m your definition of perfection.

If there’s a time for a choice
just know I’m not the one you should pick,
don’t you see I’m no good? go and live, let me be the lunatic.
Tonight’s the night, oh just let me fly
no stops and no goodbyes
I’ll be gone by the time you open your eyes
just remember...nobody ever really dies.


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