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Trapper or nah?

Artist: Chenelle TheDawn
Artist's Description
Lyrics originally made to foogiano-trapper beat.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Club Dance, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Confident, Dancing, Energetic
Style(s): Desire, Party, Sex
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$145.00

Trapper or nah?

By Chenelle TheDawn
Said u trap but u broke u a muh fxxxing lie
Said u ride around dirty
Nina by ur side
Got a clip or 2 but that thang wont shoot
I ain't giving this good pussy 2 a pussy nigga like u

See I'm out here working
While u hoes uncertain
I be putting that work in
While yall worried bout Berkins

See our minds ain't the same
I am a QUEEN. I'll let it reign
She talking crazy in her favorite dress like that shit will get stained

Bitch I'm a problem regardless
I am a starving ass artist
Baby I'll take u the farthest
Beat up the pussy, no charges

U can eat me up 4 breakfast
Get the neck and leave him headless
They said Chenelle u talk reckless
Knocking bitches off my checklist

Woo yes I spit fire
U hoes better switch ur attire
Im Earning my stripes like a tiger
So Gone flick ur mf lighter

No we are not 1 or the same
My shit taking off like a plane
Im Putting these bitches to shame
So put some respect on my name


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