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What do you like to do?

Artist: DelGoni
Artist's Description
Could be a great song if done right

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Pop
Mood(s): Meditative, Sweet
Style(s): Desire, Peace, Sex
Language(s): English
Standard License:$80.00
Extended License:$200.00

What do you like to do?

By DelGoni
What do you, like to do?

What is it that you like to do?
This rest and relaxation is just known to be true
And you best get realizations now just zone and be true
Of course im talking now its cause I own the need too

Used, what did I get out of this?
These words will light me up till all I'm feeling is bliss
And listen I can take condition and turn it into proposition
These problems washed away like I can see a physician
Rub rub rub, rub rub, I transcend this rendition
Its her or me so We Can always rid of attrition
My mission is to always get a girl thats like Kishon

What do you, like to do?

I really wanna know what you like to do so I can be like a chameleon and blend into you
I am invisible to you sometimes i think that is true
I'm blue with you and I'm a newbie at this gratitude too
I'm red with you, it is flattering and you're like a moo
I'm orange too, the forest is a green light for who
I want to lose, only if you try your hardest to do

What do you, like to do?

Yeah, do it like i know you can do it
Just be patient, cause you know that I will help you through it
These conversations and proclamations are a state meant to be true
I'm dancing round and round these ideas could be new
This growth in me is like glue, no argue or grue
I'm batty, I vam and thats still why you be
I am me like a tree or a building or three

What do you, like to do?

I like to merge souls and get onto this thing
This station of play leads to rain in the spring
I move like a puppet with invisible strings
With schizophrenic tendencies, I'm God with the wings
And little things just become some biggerer things
The reason being is I'm ignorant to happy endings
A little sending, a little shot to do some bending
Its pending, be a top to do some mending
Its brown and pale diversity thats the fxxxing ending
Its a pain in the ass to get to thats a rear ending
I'm lending, please just have my soul for your tending


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