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Artist: Freddi M
Artist's Description
Who took everyone, turn around...

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Hip-hop/Rap, Ambient/Dream Pop, Romantic Era, Foreign Rap
Mood(s): Bright, Dark
Style(s): Childrens Production
Language(s): English
Standard License:$40.00
Extended License:$35.00


By Freddi M
Passed peacefully in her well made bed
Truthfully she was best forever friend I'll never had
Shed lots tears to no more shed none
Griefed silently till ts years, it can't be undone
She aint coming coming coming back
All i got to choose is accept, that's fact
Got my people here, lungs full of air yet with a case
Supple knees, dark hair this one hard to heal
Sober no hard liquor i impress you
Saw fightin' neighborhood what i don't want do
I just had you
Was easy to choose

And boo is a place far, send her letters
Mailman said is was lost amid hurricanes
Know she could never misunderstand
Why I keep me up in bed no friend
But is today, civilization technology
No love why me today, love my brushed pic'more
A small world a billion people
Nonchalance my real town people
Tried do with sleep head is flying
Or is nightmares, ghosts or dragons
He went to a party, she on a different dream
Even devil know when to run angels are yet to come

Hollow hollow hollow we really is parted
Solo solo solo solo is all dead
Redbull wings got em fled
Internet shit gripped evryone of my friend

Pillows wet from tears I didn't t feel
Surprised by my crying, isn't manly
Do you ever care where he is at times like this
Stuff got busy, despair is clinging
How turns to why devils a lie
Im I myself, ever had such a time
Pondering blow my mind realitys calling
God im thinking do you dream is me you calling
Everyday there at your feet singing my worriments
I met him wanna tell him him all thats up my shirt
Outchea must act as though we in terms
Cause aint everyone that you trust

But i do got him, the party type
For the rumours, politics and sad times
Tagged me to an old pic for world to see
Captioning reads cool ol'time
I was in new jeans and freshly cut
Every girl like it uh bae man
Real deep got a wrinkle on the brow
Smoked a joint eyes bloodshot
This frown at life is geting me aged
No longer posing for shots
He calls we dont see lately
Chat is all dont talk lately
joint is no go zone, i fear if they notice
Got back to my tiny room, floor 4 walls and a ceiling
My insecurities safer got them door locked
Lost myself when esteem got robbed
Posted he's coast holidaying, thats light
Said she got him broken hearted, thats right
See a nice face bonds got so lost
We dont talk my friend


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