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Love is a feeling when you act on it's will

Artist: themistoklis1
Artist's Description
This is a love song it's perpopse is to preach that marage sholud be between male and female only and for life with no seperation and full of love relationship

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Love Songs
Mood(s): Fun, Happy, Innocent, Joyous, Positive
Style(s): Eighties (1980s), Nineties (1990s), Seventies (1970s), Sixties (1960s)
Language(s): English
Standard License:$45.00
Extended License:$100.00

love is a feeling when you act on it's will

By themistoklis1
love is a feeling down deep inside
for the girl of my dream
And love can be a feeling down within
when you act upon it's will
for every boy and every girl
every girl has her man
and ever man has his wife
which they share a dream in love
with tommorrow come
JESUS JESUS JESUS don't let the enemy
seperate our love for one another
love can have freinds
in familie's that hold
together good and bad times
don't let satan push you around
tell him to get thee hence
for love can never seperate us
from the love of GOD
So as for the girl of my dream
in tommorrow come

(c) 27 / NOV / 2015


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