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War Armageddon

Artist: Themis Koutras
Artist's Description
This is a Christian gospel praise and worship song

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, General Christian, Gospel
Mood(s): Fun, Happy, Joyous, Lively, Peaceful
Style(s): Eighties (1980s), Gospel Hour, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Standard License:$55.00
Extended License:$110.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$130,000.00

war Armageddon

By Themis Koutras
We are fighting war Armageddon
we see victory up ahead many battles
many losts many victory many wars
but there are none like war ARMAGEDDON
biggest war ever fought.

We are seeking beyond the future
to and fro kingdom come.

The enermy i swarn to take down
by my sword, but this soldier
that is with in me has fought this war
for so long now 1/2 a life time

i am weary i am week i am old
but i will fight to the day i die

there i surrender not i fight on.

(c) 2020


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