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Heavy Stone

Artist: C.Bukater
Artist's Description
Lyrics in the form of a poem.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Indie, General Country, General Pop, General Rock
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Happy, Optimistic
Style(s): Alternative, Desire, Motivational, Triumph
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Heavy Stone

By C.Bukater
Tomb grey heavy stone. Footsteps sandal ancient glory of days. Sun glistening marble floor. Tell me now gravel pit, sand sandal midnight moon. Shining night merchant darkness. Church glory, God mercy. Trumpet of hope, heavy hope. Rejoice light breaking through. Anticipation climax joy, happy can’t resist bursting joy, fulfilment.


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