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Artist: Hardey
Artist's Description
About my progress and success. Maybe a bit egoistic and exalted but it´s true. Clear your mind and everything is possible.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, R-n-B
Mood(s): Cool, Energetic, Fast
Style(s): Motivational, Triumph
Language(s): English
Standard License:$15.00
Extended License:$30.00


By Hardey
I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back.
Reaching your goals isn't fast like a snap.
Touch the dream, to do it might help you focus, deep.
Listen to your instinct, that's what you really need.

Tell me, how they can be so strong,
They, first of all, don't spend time wrong.
Coming, succes, creative mode,
And break bad bonds, that is the code.

Negatives against me, fxxx them,
Going throught it, I dont like them.
Talking shits and war in their minds,
They didn't felt a success in their lives.

What it's like to stand against them?
I know it, now I'm the real man.
They have one favourite activity,
What they really like is confronting me.

So there's my limitless insanity,
Shining stars, I'm flying to infinity.
Trust me, I'm above the humanity,
But still I'm not loosing my dignity.

It is definitive, Finally want to live.
I know all of my sin, But now heading to win.

Thankless messages will be seen,
Trash in head is already clean.
They're throwing on me only blame,
They think I'm sad, but it's a scam.

I'm choosing high road, Soon,
You can call me starlord, Boom,
Touch, hit and I scored, Look,
Creating my world.

You can, now you don't.
Can't say even word.
Cutted you with my sword.
Prick, go to the work.
Shame, you have mind block,
Seen me and had a shock,
I've got almost everything what I want.


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