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"Song Lyrics Of Staying Optimistic In The Relationship Of Love"

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, General Alternative, Alternative Country
Mood(s): Bright, Dancing, Energetic, Happy, Romantic
Style(s): Alternative, Ballad, Motivational, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$54.00
Extended License:$144.00


[Verse 1]
Forever for me it be/
That you are the one for me/
Its always, I want you/

Ever more for me/
For you to be/
For keeps is what I see/
What I found I need, its in you/

For always I want you to be/
The only girl for me/
Its for life, I found you/

Unchanging let us be/
Not the brief, is what we need/
You need me/
I need you©?

So come Stay Forever /
Tell me your love is true /
And with blue skies and forever /
Will share together /
Together just me and you /
If we stay here, I know /
We can be happy/
Here together, just us two /
And if we Stay Forever/
Just me, just you©?

[Verse 2]
Come visit with me and see/
Let us come together and just be/
The interest is here in us, we agree/

Let us talk of the love we need/
Let us halt from the world, that's crazy/
Stop, and look at the air together/
And breathe/

And everybody needs somebody/
So they can be/
A love they all do need/
Let's not let us/
Waste our time, for love to be/

We can be happy, we can be/
And they all too will see/
That were willing, to Stay Forever together/
You- and- me-©?


[BRIDGE] 2×?
Hold- to- me- /
Dwell- with- me- /
Drop- a- penny- in- the- well- with- me- /
Stay- with- me- /
Come- play- with- me- /
And- together- will- be- /
You-- -and--- me---(2×?)

(CHORUS 3×EndingSong)

©?2020 Richard I Moore©?
(215)941-4809 or (215)303-6758
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@lordrimz - Instagram
Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA©?


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