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Artist: Hardey
Artist's Description
Right choice is a key to happy life.

Genre(s): Pop, R-n-B
Mood(s): Bright, Energetic, Optimistic, Positive
Style(s): Inspirational, Motivational, Triumph
Language(s): English
Standard License:$30.00
Extended License:$75.00


By Hardey
The concept became an art, Nothing less,
Life's great without a slut, Don't be stressed.

Crossing a difficult line, Show them flame,
That inside you are fine, No more shame.

Shinin like the neon, My soul is free ou,
It's heavy but lift off, Run and get your role.

Feeling like the chosen one, Truth is that you'll always be.
Don't forget what was found, Keep it, it's golden field.

I'm master of getting right choice, Lightning in the storm is my voice,
Listen to this, it leads to this, No more fallings on knees.

What I said? I'm safe.
On the right way.

I did that! Comeback,
of that one life hack.

See that? Hear that?
Feel that, cuz you need that.


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