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Cobalt Grey

Artist: Candice
Artist's Description
This ballad is about a girl whose romantic life takes a fated turn after she misses her usual Monday night dance class to discover that her Fiancé is cheating on her, finding him in the arms of another woman. I wrote this in the style of a Country ballad accompanied by Piano or Guitar.

Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country, Traditional Country
Mood(s): Dreamy, Mellow, Sad, Slow, Sweet
Style(s): Ballad, Desire, Heartbreak, Story
Language(s): English
Extended License:$400.00

Cobalt Grey

By Candice
That day I missed my dancin' class,
It was raining cobalt grey.
My purse was missing so
I went to the bar for a glass
To find you, you, you.

I sat in Luigi's,
Drinking Red Wine,
And feeling cobalt grey.
Then I saw you, you, you
And you were not alone.

You were dancin' with her,
As you always do.
You didn't see me, me, me.
Ooh I'm feeling cobalt grey,
And wished it was another day,
Ooh I'm feeling cobalt grey.

You were dancin' with her
And I missed my class,
As I soaked up my hurt
And I soaked up my glass.
I was feeling cobalt grey.

And if the sun was shining
And it was another day,
If I walked down another avenue
And I'd gone to a different dance,
I think we could have had another chance.

Now I'm drinking red wine alone,
And feeling cobalt grey.


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