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Love the Days

Artist: Nisa
Artist's Description
Happy, Joyous and Optimistic Song

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Happy, Joyous, Optimistic
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Extended License:$500.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$50,000.00

Love the Days

By Nisa
Verse 1
As I get up each morning
I pray for a blessed day
I set out to work
All in high spirits

I do a good day’s job
And even make some money
I can’t wait to get home
To the arms of my honey

I love the days
When things just go my way
I love the days
Spent with family and friends

I love the days
When all is in harmony
I love the days
Filled with joy and happiness

Verse 2
Some days it’s the unexpected
Birthday wishes from mother
A call from an old friend
Or an invitation to a party

A break through innovation
A win by your favorite team
A day of lovely weather
Or positive breaking news


How I love the days
When dreams become reality
How I love the days
That bring more prosperity
Oh, I really love such days

Chorus till end


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