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Love Wins

Artist's Description
A love song for 2020 a ballad style for male or female vocal

Genre(s): Pop, Love Songs, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Optimistic, Peaceful, Romantic, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$25.00

Love Wins

Love Wins

Verse 1
With twenty- twenty vision, the way is clear
when the volumes down low, what do you hear?
the scales have fallen on my quiet ground
I hold my breath and look around

Since I’ve found you, I’m a loser to Love
total surrender is my winning move
I laid myself bare, cast into your fate
In the war for love it’s never too late

Verse 2
Our ripples in life, they will resonate
across waters of the world, we create
with negative thinking, negative acts
we’ll never be happy, never relaxed


Verse 3
cynics sneer, how uncool, to be kind
but in my eyes, you’re the hottest find
Always gentle, you’re that better person
I’m trying hard to unlearn my lesson

you have saved me with love
you have saved me with kindness
time erodes all, but love powers through
my true north, the whole worlds our view

last verse
The volumes down low, I know what I hear
with twenty- twenty vision, the way is clear
the scales have fallen on my quiet ground
I’ll breathe easier with you around


Lyrics Sheena Hope


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