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Artist: Douglas Beardmore
Artist's Description
A song I wrote about the loss of a loved one, For me its about my best friend and my grandma but I feel its a pretty universal song that anyone who has lost a loved one can relate too!

Genre(s): Country, General Country
Mood(s): Haunting, Mournful, Sad, Slow
Style(s): Ballad, Death
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$150.00


By Douglas Beardmore
V1: sometimes I wish that I could still call you on the phone/but I know that you won't answer/it will just be a dial tone/cause God took you home/before I got to say goodbye/sometimes I can't stop these years/from falling from my eyes

Ch: sometimes my tears pour down like rain/cause I'd give anything to hear your voice or see you again/without you life just isn't the same/it's a heartache that I cannot tame/so sometimes my tears pour down like rain

V2: I drive by that coffee shop we used to go to/but I can't walk through those doors/cause it won't be the same without you/sometimes I think I see you on the street/but then I realize it's not you/and my hope is gone just like a dream

(Repeat chorus)


Br: sometimes the pounding of my heartbeat keeps me up at nights/cause it's harder now to deal with the storms of life/but you helped to make me strong/your memory will live on/with every single breath I take/but

Ch2: sometimes my tears are still gonna pour down like rain/cause I'm always going to miss your voice and wish that I could see you again/without you here life will never be the same/its a heartache that will never go away/so sometimes my tears will pour down like rain

Ya sometimes/my tears/pour down like rain


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