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Artist: Tornados behind rainbows
Artist's Description
I wrote this in about 48 hrs, 2wks into 28days in Ozaukee Co jail, having started this yr with 45 in Cook Co, and now back home I just recognize the transpositionality the lyrics have. This song was my therapy in OZ, brought about by the acute causes but is about everything outside of and including.
To my boy WooWoo, and everybody in Division 10, LOVE

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive, Hard, Heavy, Thoughtful
Style(s): Humanity, Inspirational, Motivational, Triumph
Language(s): English
Extended License:$25.00


By Tornados behind rainbows
...little vengeful Punk – too small for a throne
Say you're gettin all this shit but you can't even get home
Collect Calls to the crib – mommy – I'm a Godfather
little Godbaby – shut up – I'm tired of your squalor
I've heard it all before – all your words in my head
don't know what you mean to do – the stupid shit you’ve always said
I tried to be better – you said that you were more
but you let us to the bottom – my palms up on the floor
Something in the static ya’ll be spewin like a trumpian
Dumbfounded with your dipshitz – it's your moms-n-them
Must be hard for you to see – head buried in your shat
Shinin like you’re newer but you're just a pull from the scrap
Skatin and fakin – you derelicts just contemplatin exploitation and hatin the very things you used to break-in
Trapped by the Herd – man I can't escape – it's a trap
Paralyzed by this walk – still can talk - here's a cap
Devolution of the genders I've been marching to a Beat
Different are my shoes – I go reluctantly down this street
Disinterested in the shades – I'm just walking toward the Heat
see – I wanna just confess but you're fxxxin righteousness
and fxxx your scars and stars you pinned and tatted on your flesh
Imprison with these bars – maybe then you'll get some rest
but mud-throwing bully-puppets – 1 Word – SPINELESS
Flimsy like a fxxxin noodle – difficult to chew cuz you
don't move till your saturated – told just what to do – WAIT
All these pretty feathers stuck together with a GOO – yeah
MAN just masturbated and he shot all over you
So you sold God for a dollar – your religious complex – OH
fear-mongering Pulpit-pansies – 1 Word – FAITHLESS
Cop-Out culture thirsty to perpetuate retreat
Unimpressed by your fade – naw – I'm thirstin for the Heat
I, wanna go on record but the record’s compromised
you've undermined intelligence – reality circumcised
Wanna try and make sense of your tragic sacrifice
but Herd’s Creed – chose correctness – now I'm ostracized
fxxxin sellouts.. With your fxxxin bailouts.. Unable to own up to.. As your shitshow plays out..
And then–
we've got idjits makin widgets to control the population but you can't make fxxxin beds and now we've got an infestation–
your manipulation of creation – widespread misery – show the young to cut-n-run – uh-uh – bad scissory
Dotards.. And all your clueless Con-Arts.. Funny with your reasons.. Like you even have hearts..
But then__ somebody had told me that your life is what you make it so why can't you let the past go past no matter how I shake it
your fulfillment based upon another's suffering
and I want to believe this shit had never come to be
a fish out of its water – why won't you set me free
I, wanna, witness your demise – don't want to look into your eyes
I know you hypnotize – and then capitalize
Open up my eyes and your hands are in my pockets
Guess the only thing to do is pop yours out the sockets
think you're walking straight but you can't see right
crooked fxxx – your success – manufacturerin my plight
Degenerative pukes – always looking for a fight
biting at my ankles – I'm standin for the Heat tonight
I, wanna just get through to you – get those of you to see
those of you who throw your lot – feeding the complacency
Bumping chests with your brother's – circle-jerkin maladies
then you're cutting someone's throat for homosexualities
Something in the way you're popping off like a trumptart
guess I'm here to give a higher mind a fxxxin jump-start
I see your guilty conscience got you franticin to save face
need the herd’s approval with the criticism commonplace – TOOL!
Screamin loud – saying that you got control of the block
but history shows that you got GOD-smacked by the clock – 2 hands and 60 notches wipe your filthy ass off the face
fallacy turned Legacy – what a disgrace
Then you're tellin me that I should come back to your hood and see
What – something bout the plague of ill-corruption and toxicity – naw, thanks – I'm stronger than castration and regressary
yes, I’ve done moved right through your woods – headstrong – evolving in the heat


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