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Prayer of hope in agony

Artist: Taimoor Rehan Khanzada
Artist's Description
This particular song, is about expressing oneself, expressing the pain, but at the same time being hopeful. Always thinking that it will sort itself out, this song is like a beautiful prayer.

Genre(s): Rock, Rockabilly, Grunge
Mood(s): Dark, Dreamy, Mellow, Sad, Thoughtful
Style(s): Alternative, Ballad, Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Extended License:$50.00

Prayer of hope in agony

By Taimoor Rehan Khanzada
(Intro verses)
Don’t you know, I still ask for you
Don’t you know, I miss your presence
Rivers flowing, with my tears in between
Dark clouds, holding my anger in them
Let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out

Couldn’t believe, I still want her back
Couldn’t believe, I still cry every night
Hey girl, do you still remember me?
Hey girl, did you cry for me?

Just for one day, come back to me
To make this dream, a reality

Butterfly is flying away
All the colours, turned to black

Butterfly is flying away
All the dreams, left with them

Hope, makes me walk down the same road
Road, which last time, turned into dreadful soul

I look up, there is God above
I raise my hand, to ask for help
He held my hand, when everyone left

He made this world, he made that soul,
He made this requester, only he can give her to me
Until then, i got to wait, patiently

Butterfly is flying away
All the colour, turned to black

Butterfly is flying away
All the hope, is left with God

Look up, its colourful, all those memories
Hey girl, I miss you so much
Hey girl, I still love you


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